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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

T for Tuesday with my son

Hello to Elizabeth and all my blogger friends here at T stands for Tuesday. This is my last post of this month. One more month of holidays for the children here and in September we can get back to our old routine. 

 This is how my dining table looks in the early mornings-:)  I dream of having a small creative room of my own. Sometimes it gets so frustrating to clean everything each time my free time gets over. Anyways I'm sure one day I will get my own little place to create art.In my big mug I'm having my usual morning cup of coffee.

For today I wanted to share with you all some of the art that my 7 year old son has done. He loves nature and reads and finds out everything that he can about it, particularly about falcons (the peregrine falcon), alligators, and many other raptors. We go to our library and he takes atlases on the wild animals and birds. Below are some of his sketches that he drew after referring the atlas and encyclopedias.

 This is one of my favorites. His eye for details enthralls me. I was so amazed to see how realistically he has even tried the reflections in the pond here.  

 One of his colored sketches. He prefers to do pencil drawings but once in a while takes his coloring supplies and adds some color to his drawings.

 Yet another favorite one of mine The Taj mahal.

A page from his sketchbook on different kinds of birds. 

We are so proud of this little one who can sit for hours with his sketchbook. I hope he will continue with this current passion of his. 
That is it for this week. Wishing you all a wonderful T Day 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday paintings...

Happy Tuesday everyone. Today at Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday I'm sharing my morning glass of warm water with lemon. I try to have it the first thing in the morning. On the left is the water in which I dip my brushes while I'm painting. 

Above are some of my nature sketches from my daily sketching journal

For my birthday I got to choose an online class as a gift. I took Wyanne Thompson's class on Watercolors. I love her painting style and the above painting is from that class.
I incorporated her style and did this piece by myself. Today is one of my close friend's birthday. She is in India and somehow I found a connection between  this painting and her love and compassion towards her little ones. So this painting is for you ,  Happy Birthday 'R' Wishing you a wonderful year ahead.

Hope you all have a Lovely Tuesday
Thank you for being here


Sunday, July 20, 2014


Life here is so busy that I totally forgot to update this little space here. Thankfully I'm getting time to do art but finding it difficult to remember to take pictures and upload them here-:)
Anyways, better late than never so here are some of my creations from last week:

Dear Linda, I was so inspired by the bird nest photos that you had shared at your place last week. I did one in my daily sketching journal.

   A study on doing grapes.

A trial at loose watercolor roses...
Right now, the weather is so beautiful here. It reminds me of Spring with beautiful sunshine added with a cool breeze. Wishing you all a lovely weekend
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Tuesday and The Giveaway Winners...

Happy Tuesday and Happy First Anniversary to Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday  I totally forgot to find a memorable  post that Elizabeth had asked to share this week. I just went to sign up at her page and then I saw the reminder. So here I'm back again updating and posting my page.


Thank you so much for your Birthday wishes and for the response to my Giveaway.
The winners have been chosen.
They are Rita and  Faye
Congratulations to you both and I hope you will love your gifts. Do mail me your addresses. I'll be sending the packages at the earliest.

Last week I was the recipient of a lovely giveaway package. I was the SOC week-4 winner.
These are the wonderful things that I received. Thank you so much Kristin for this wonderful birthday surprise. I'm all set to try them.

I've been up to something on my sketchbook with my usual morning cup of Folgers' coffee beside it.

Currently I'm going through Charles Reid's watercolor painting books and did this and the one below from them. Love his loose style with the water colors.

If you ask me the most memorable post from T stands for Tuesday, of course it is my first post. It is
this post and I love the tea cup that I had created (have posted the photo of it at the beginning of this post)  and also I'd shared some of my son's art work there. Thank you Elizabeth for allowing us to have a platform where we can share our art or things that we love with you and other like minded souls. 

Have a wonderful week. I'm linking my page to Elizabeth and all the other friends at  T stands for Tuesday.
Thank you for being here

Saturday, July 12, 2014

More Water colors

This week I was busy practicing water colors. Love this medium but OMG! always I come across so many new ways on achieving various effects.  

I tried glazing technique on the above painting. I got so many elements wrong in here but then I take all this as part of my learning process.

 One more doodled water color piece.

I'm hosting a giveaway here If you are interested you can visit my post and leave a comment there. The giveaway is open till Tuesday, the 15th of July till 12:00 p.m EST.  

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