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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

T for Thank you

Happy Tuesday and Thank you so much Elizabeth and all my "T time" friends for the loving and encouraging comments that you gave me for my last week's post. 

There are times when I'm confused about where I'm going with my art. Already there are many journals in my shelves and I constantly worry about space. Then I contemplate on whether I should stop doing art but then I know that won't make me happy.

 Words from you are a big help in motivating me to continue...Maybe one day I might be able to take my art to the next level-:)  
I also wanted to share my face book page with you all. Please have a look at it.

 My daily journal writing with my morning cup of tea. 

I'm so behind with the DLP challenges. This is my art for Week-46 challenge which was to incorporate fabric into your page. I adhered a piece of printed cloth and on top of it played with painted deli scraps, paints and stamps.
If you are interested in joining for DLP 2015 do check out this link. I'm a challenge girl. Sometimes I need a good push to create and this project is absolutely wonderful.

 My three year old loves Mo Willems' Elephant and Pig stories. I just wanted to add it to my journal

My seven year old is a voracious reader. He started with chapter books from Kindergarten and each year he will have a favorite series or author. This year one of his favorites is Geronimo Stilton.

That is all for this week.
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Heard that snow is coming to visit us tomorrow-:(
A Very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

Friday, November 21, 2014

Art Journal Friday

This week's Journal page. I did a background page with gelli plate and acrylics. Then I stamped and stenciled over it. I created the girl's dress with left over paint smeared napkins and adhered her to the page. The flowers were doodled using stabilo marker and white gelly roll pen.  
"It is by acts and not by ideas alone that we should live each day." 

The page is rich in texture with layers of paint, gesso and paper collage added to it.

Again  the quote is a reminder to myself. Everyday my head  is weighed down by a dozen ideas, especially creative ones but sadly most of them never see the light as I don't work around them on a daily basis. I think it is so difficult to set goals to our own self . 

I also wanted to share the journals that I made last week.
Two "No Sew" Handmade Journals and two saddle stitched ones. 

See the pretty purple journal. The cover is a handmade paper that I bought from this year's trip to India. I'm confused whether to leave the cover like that or to do more work on it. Hmm, time will tell
The colorful one is a saddle stitched journal to jot down my everyday thoughts... The cover is a collage work from so many left over scraps that I had in my never ending stash.
More lovely handmade papers-:) 

Wishing you all a creative weekend
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tea and art on a very very cold Tuesday...

Thank you Elizabeth for "Tea time Tuesday". That is something to be happy for today.  Out here it is so windy and cold today that I'm wondering why I sent my kids to school! We would have just remained warm and cozy here.

Anyways, back to share my morning cup of tea and my daily art. Above is yet another journal where I just jot down my thoughts, I felt I needed to let go of all that passes through my mind and what better way than writing them and maybe adding layers of paints over them-:)

Last week, I was in the mood to make journals. I created four of them and have already started using two.
  Yet another "No Sew Handmade Journal". I am sketching subjects that my kids and myself love in the pages of this book.

Here goes:
 I am of course an ardent fan of Nature. I tried sketching some daisies here.

 When I asked my elder son to give me a subject to sketch oops! this is what he asked me to do-:) I drew and outlined the Tiger's face with my favorite Stabilo pencil. It did not come out all that well but I'm thankful to him for letting me do this. I would never have thought to do this otherwise.  

There, my three year old adores and acts like Spiderman. Again another subject that I would never have chosen but am happy that for his sake I gave it a try.

  I also tried some Tulips. I did them only with watercolors and my paintbrush.

Sometimes the self doubt of  "Am I good enough?" rises in me. Last week was no different. But the smile on my kids' faces and their happiness in seeing their favorite themes as sketches made a big difference-:) I know I will be continuing to sketch more of what they will ask me to do.

That is all for today. I'm continuing with my Art Journaling too. One page a week which I feel is more practical and stress free.
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Thank you for being here and encouraging me with your loving words

Friday, November 14, 2014

Art Journal Week-5 and A New Journal

Here is my Art Journal creation for this week : 
 The Flower Girl 

I have used water colors, acrylics, deli paper, book pages, stencils (got balzer designs peacock feathers stencils), white gelly roll pen and stabilo pencil for doodling, gesso and plaster cloth for texture.
I didn't feel like adding a quote to this page. I just love how it has turned out.  
 After I completed my Fall Journal, I made two more journals of the same kind. As winter officially starts only the next month, I created the above journal for sketching the things that I and my family like. The cover of the journal is also hand painted. I had done this a while back and it was among the stash of art pages that I had created.

I have already started drawing in it. You can see someone peeking from there-:) But I'm keeping that for my next post.  

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Thank you all for being here

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Fall Journal Completed

Happy Tuesday everyone. For my 'Tea' at Elizabeth's I'm having a cup of green tea in one of my pretty tea cups. I had almost forgotten about this set and thankfully found them last week when I was in a 'cleaning and organizing' spree. 
The art is in my daily journal. The flowers were stamped with one of my handmade stamps.

Today I want to share the other side of my Fall Journal. I am so happy of this project that I started by the end of September and yes! I have completed it. Now I'm going to make another "No Sew Handmade Sketchbook" to do Winter Sketches.

Here is the  other side of the journal:

I did some of the sketches upside down. But I guess that is okay-:) 

I'm linking this to Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday 
Thank you as always for supporting me and my art with your kind words
Wishing you all a lovely week

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