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Friday, April 18, 2014

Hand made Art Journal

Hello Everyone, This week I'm posting from my homeland, India. We had to make a quick trip and for the rest of the month we will be here.
As I was planning this trip, I also was thinking about the journals that I had to take. I made a journal to jot down our day to day lives and also to even glue down some pictures. I'm planning to share its pages in the coming weeks as I won't be doing that much art here. Just enjoying my holiday with my parents and other loved ones.
 The book is mainly inspired by the works and classes that I've taken from the very talented Roben-Marie Smith, Above is the front cover.
This is the back cover of the book. I did the covers on heavy Mixed media Paper

This is a page from the inside. There are always flowers and insects around here, where we are right now, so I felt it so apt to create pages that included them.
There are lots of layers to all my pages. Collage, stamping, stenciling and of course paints and inks. I did all my layers on 90 lb water color paper.
 At the same time I also did couple of pages using deli papers and just doodled on them. Love this effect too.
Yet another page with lots of layers...

Thank you for visiting. I will be sharing more pages in the next week. I'm always Thankful and appreciate all your kind words and encouragement.
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

T stands for Creative Tuesday

Good morning Elizabeth and everyone at T stands for Tuesday. Now snow has given way to rain here. I'm so happy to see the little buds and flowers coming out and even at 5:00 in the morning I can here the chirping of the birds here.  

Today morning with my daily cup of tea I was busy with my journal. Isn't Spring a great inspiration? I'm so happy with the colors on my page. You can click on the picture to see better. On the right I've used deli paper to embellish my page. Love, love to work on them. 
A mixed- media page that I did. It is rich in texture and colors. One thing that is missing is a quote. I love to add meaningful quotes to my art.Still I wanted to share this with you maybe later I'll be adding a word or two to this page.
Yet another doodle and I can even use this pattern paper as a gift wrap or as a background for another painting. I will be doing more of this kind in the future.
Life is so busy here. We are going on a trip and I'm busy packing and getting things ready for it. But I'm still planning to keep my blog updated. I will also try my best to visit you all and see what all you have shared from your side.
Thank you for always supporting me with your kind words.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Welcome Spring

Hello Everyone, Hope you all are having a lovely Saturday.
Yesterday, I received a lovely package from Linda of She had hosted a giveaway last week and I was lucky to win one of her gifts.
Linda, Thank you so much for the book and the other artsy things you sent me. I will be going through the book and will share any projects that I might try.

Spring is in full swing here and I was inspired to create a Spring doodle-:)
I still need to color this page. Hopefully, in the coming week it will be finished.

I am part of a Circle Journal Project and we are almost coming to the end of it. This is a page that I did for one of  the members. I used Twinkling H20's for the background. The elephants' backs are covered with a cloth and here I used real embroidery fabric and stitched it on the back. I also used seed beads on the tree.
It was a lot of work but I really enjoyed creating this page for this special person.

A close up of the elephants.
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Thank you for checking.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Welcome April

Happy April and Happy Spring to everyone.
Today I wanted to share at Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday this:

I'm sorry I don't have Tea on my table but a glass of Almond Milk. We love to have it often. I try to get the unsweetened one for me but the kids love the Vanilla flavor.
Beside it is a doodle in progress. Last week I found a $3/- watercolor pad in Target. Though intended for kids I found them to be very good. There are 20 cold press 140 lb sheets in it.

 I also wanted to share this canvas piece that I did. Last week I watched a video by Donna Downey and got so inspired to create her painting. This is what she did. The background is made up of adding layers of paint and then she did a lovely white lotus. I loved the piece so much that I created the same piece.    
 In the video Donna has used many new art supplies and a Lotus Stencil. I don't have most of the things that she used but I recreated it with whatever supplies that I had and drew the Lotus free hand.

 Now I have to find a place in my home to hang this piece.
Well that is all for this Tuesday.
Thank you for being here

Friday, March 28, 2014

I love to work with...

Happy Friday to all
The first quarter of 2014 is coming to an end!
This year I'm trying to find what exactly I love to do in art. For the last two years I have been trying my hand at everything: journaling, sketching, watercolors, portraits, collage, scrap booking, ... At one point I realized that I had to stop this madness and find out what I really wanted.

Have you ever asked that question to yourself? I have and I still do and each time I'm surprised to find that I need to focus and really think to get the answer for that. In my experience it is always easy for us to understand what others are good at, or even what they lack but when it comes to know what or where we are in life, we are at a loss, at least for me I still find it difficult to pinpoint and say what exactly I need to focus on especially in my artistic life.

Anyways, I have found out that these are some of the themes that I love to work with in art:

1. Art Journaling.
This year I realized that I enjoy doing Art Journaling the most. In January, for one full month I did one  page each and it never felt tiring. I find it all the more challenging when there is a prompt and new medium to experiment with.

2. Collage. I love, love doing collage pieces. There is always a curiosity and excitement to see what you have come up with in the end.
3. Faces/ Portraits
I have always been intimidated by them."It is only when you take your first step at something that you will know if you can do it or not." This is my own experience  For years I believed that I could never draw faces and never even tried to draw them. Last year I took the plunge and started drawing them and since then I have been enjoying doing different kinds of faces.

4. Watercolors
I love painting but sometimes for months I don't take my watercolors out and at other times I just love playing with them. Even simple doodles like the above one make me happy.

What do you enjoy the most when it comes to art and Why?  I would love to know.
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Thank you for being here

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