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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Goodbye March

Happy Tuesday to everyone at T stands for Tuesday  The above art was inspired by a similar piece that I saw on pinterest.  Love the combination of blue and white here, so I too  tried to recreate this beautiful picture.

I also wanted to share this pencil sketch done by my 8 year old son. I am always surprised to see how detailed his nature sketches are-:)

Here is one more watercolor sketch that I did in my "No Sew" Journal.

Wishing you all a happy week

Friday, March 27, 2015

Focal Point

A late post to PPF and  Art Journal Everyday.  Here, in India it is already Saturday-:)

The DLP Challenge for March-21 was on Focus. Sometimes it is very challenging for me to find my focus or the core idea in creating a page. On such occasions I continue adding layers and layers till I get satisfied with the entire layout.
The background was done using acrylics, handmade paper, texture medium and stencils. Then it was time to think of the main element.

My background  layers
I cut out the girl's picture from a magazine and adhered it to my background. I gave her silver accessories, changed the color of her attire, added silver motifs to it. I finished the page with some light doodling on her.
Thank you Arttothe5th team for coming up with awesome challenges like these.
Have a great weekend

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Thank you all for your kind and loving words last week. It really helped.  I am not only  blessed with some amazing friends over here but also am thankful for the warmth and love my blog land friends give me. Indeed I am Blessed! Yet another blessing to add into my Gratitude journal-:)

 Along with a hot cup of tea, the art that I am sharing today is three girls who symbolize the qualities of honesty, empathy and courage.

Usually, when i have a difficult time my thoughts shift to all my negative qualities, of blaming my self. But nowadays I have shifted  my thoughts in a positive way, thinking of the qualities that make me strong even during challenging times. When I created these girls I wanted to put down those wonderful qualities to each one of them. She is one, with three essential qualities of being honest, brave and the gift to empathise.

Though my girls didn't come out perfect, the meaning that has evolved from it makes it a favorite page of mine.
Have you ever spend time to think of how valuable and strong you are as an individual? I think we all need to spend at least a couple of  minutes every now and then to realize how much we are all blessed with.
Wishing you all a lovely week
Linking my page to Elizabeth at T stands for Tuesday

Friday, March 20, 2015


Week-11 of the DLP Challenge was Borders. The journal prompt  was  "Border line feels like I am going to lose my mind."
This is my take on the challenge. My interpretation of borders is limitations, restrictions or lack of freedom. When i experience any of those, I do feel like I am losing my mind.
The page I created is a collaborative one where I did the background and my 8 year old son did the kestral falcon. He had drawn this bird couple of months ago but somehow while creating for this challenge,this bird's image kept on flashing in my mind. Maybe because falcons symbolize freedom. Anyways that is the story behind this page and of course it has turned to be another one of my favorites.

This is the background page.
See you all next week hopefully with a new set of art work. Linking my work to PPF and Julie's Art Journal Everyday
Wishing you all a happy weekend 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Spring

Dear Elizabeth and everyone at T stands for Tuesday So happy to hear that many of you are already enjoying the advent of Spring. Here it is 84 degrees and we are all burning from the heat and humidity. 
We are trying to drink as many glasses of water as we can to keep ourselves hydrated.

This is a vase of red flowers in watercolor to all my friends there who had been waiting for Spring.

Of late, I had been facing some hard times. After some whining and thinking I concluded thus: " For every new path that you take, there are some valuable lessons learned..." but I was still seething inside and then a friend of mine unknowingly shared this powerful quote by Chanakya, an ancient Indian philosopher and teacher, " Don'T be disappointed when nobody stands with you.. Chanakya rightly said: "I am thankful to those who left me, because  they taught me I CAN DO IT ALONE!"

I felt so much better after thinking on these lines and again i felt the healing touch of having wonderful friends in my life.
Wish you all a wonderful Tuesday

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