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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Sketches...

This week for Tea on T stands for Tuesday I am having my Yogi Green Tea and sharing my sketching journal. 

I sketched these sunflowers as a reminder of our trip to the Sunflower maze last week. 

Above is the Sketch of my  Canon SX200. I wanted to put down the story of my WITL project in my sketchbook.

My recycled grocery bag book. I am so happy on how this turned out. I took the paper bags that we got from our weekend shopping and made this book. My binding is not perfect as I don't know what kind of binding this is. Instead of going through a tutorial I just looked at a similar kind of book and created it
Have to fill these pages with colors...

I am reading  this... Last year I enjoyed reading Austin Kleon's Steal Like an Artist. I think this one is also a good read.

Linking my page to Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday
Wishing you all a wonderful Tuesday 
Hugs SusaN 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Winding up WITL- Aug2015

I missed posting Friday and Saturday pictures here. Weekends are the busiest for us-:) I also couldn't take that many photos the last three days. But i didn't want to feel stressed while doing this project, as I felt then it would take away all the fun from it. 
Here I have combined the photos and stories of the last three days. I am happy to have tried this project for the first time. Thank you Ali for coming up with this great idea. I hope I can take more pictures for the next WITL.

 Early morning art time...
 I love taking pictures around our place
 This is my little Drama Prince-:) He had just woken up and I asked him to smile. This is what I got instead-:)
Friday cooking. Mostly I cook our traditional meals and we use so much coconut in our cooking 
 My 4 year old having his lunch

My 8 year old loved reading. Currently he is reading Chr...

My Friday pictures end here. We did make a trip to the shop, got some yummy snacks from two lovely neighbors, my kids played a lot, ... I did miss taking pictures of all that yet feeling Thankful for snapping at least these many 

 Finishing my painting. Sometimes I get frustrated of not having enough time to create. Last week I did very little art as so much time went for taking and editing the pictures. Hopefully once school starts I can do more.

 Saturday is for swimming... My boys love it. He just started taking classes this summer and is totally in love with it.For the Fall session he is going to the third level,    
 While his brother takes the class, he enjoys playing  Asphalt-8
 After his class...
 When my oldest takes his class my little one plays in the playground nearby. He has got a friend too...
Thank you for posing Sid-:)
 Another trip to the shop. Fall decor is out everywhere 

 They bought a Dynosaur Fossil digging kit and after coming home they got busy with that.
 Yayy! they did dig up some bones and created this T-Rex -:)
My oldest got his class notification from school. He is half excited and half okay about starting 3rd Grade. 

My Saturday photos end here. We did have Chinese take away for lunch, spent time talking with neighbors, went for walks, I and my hubby watched a movie and slept late around 1 am ...again  reminding myself it is ok that i was not able to document all that.

The last day of this project  
 A random shot. I love this old historical building that is next to our place.
Clean Table...Did lot of cleaning and organizing around the house.
In the afternoon we made a trip to the library. He took a Car Magazine to sketch some of his favorite cars
 Evening we went to the nearby park. While the children played. I and my husband walked around for almost an hour.
It is almost time to go... We made one last trip to the store to get some fruits(again I forgot to take pictures from there)  and got back home.The kids settled down to watch a DVD that they borrowed from the library, my hubby had some work and I edited all the pictures from the last three days.

That is it for now with this project. Hopefully, I will be able to take the prints soon and make an album out of all these.Thank you so much for everyone who took time to comment on my posts. 
Will be back with my usual posts from tomorrow

Friday, August 21, 2015

WITL Day-4

 My four year old trying to read the words that he sees on the screen. He successfully read the word, "Royal"
 Making Mr.Sun
 Playing the Number Game
Loving the expressions on their little faces...watching Dino Dan, a favorite of my second son 
 Drawing Mazes... My 8 year old's current favorite past time.  
 Reminding myself to use the dishwasher more frequently than washing all the dishes in the sink.
 At the store... We get fresh produce on Thursdays 
Just beautiful...
Tonight I am Thankful to have got some time to sit with my journal   
Same goes with my Art 
 As for sharing my Friday art with PPF I have this mixed media page on my current favorite things that are related to art

Will be back tomorrow with Day-5 pictures
Have a great Friday

Thursday, August 20, 2015

WITL Day-3

Today had been a difficult day and to be honest i did not feel like taking so many pictures. My 4 year old was quite cranky and difficult and that makes my day hard. This is also part of the normal days around here and I fully embrace it as with kids life can get so unpredictable and challenging.
 I am taking most of my pictures in my cell phone and with this Canon, a favorite of mine. About two to three years ago my youngest one experimented with it and damaged its lens. We then got a new smaller camera, yet didn't have the heart to throw this away. I am so happy about that decision as when I made my trip to India, I took this one with me and luckily there was a Canon authorized service center there and they repaired it for me-:)  
  A morning shot from our doorway
 I was in the mood for some cooking. I made some veggie fried rice for lunch/dinner
 My oldest is having a great time with tracing war planes. Last weekend i had given him a tracing pad and he did so many tracings of his current favorite topic.
The light is so bad in this picture. 
Lots and lots of Lego trucks and choppers are being constructed here on a daily basis-:)
Today, I managed to get at least one shot of my son having his dinner

Will be back tomorrow hopefully with more snaps
[By the way I noticed the dates on my pictures only now and the last ones show today's date. The dates have been set by the service center and I guess that is the Indian time being shown.It is 9 hours and 30 minutes ahead of the time here-:)]  

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WITL- Day 2

Week in the Life: Day-2
When i decided to join this project I never thought of posting it here for the whole week. My mind was only set on making an album. But I guess, now i have changed my mind. I think if these stories are here on my blog I can always go through them anytime I want. As for taking the prints, I will have to wait for this project to end. I have no printer at home so have to take everything from outside.  
 Good Morning and I am free of my headache today. No walks or exercise today-:( still I am feeling happy. (I dont think there are that many pictures of mine in this space. So here goes one...)
 We usually have cereals or oats with fruits for breakfast. My current favorite milk to add into my oats: Coconut Milk.

 My eldest is a big time fan of Legos. He can sit for hours and create amazing things from his own imagination.
As it is the holidays, there is no set routine as such. Today, this is what they were doing immediately after getting out of bed

 Books from my favorite author. I have read all of them but I want to read them again

 My 4 year old has started to read-:) Feeling Thankful to document these little,(big) things here.  

 Coloring with one of his neighbor friends
 He is going into 3rd Grade. Practicing how to write Essays... I found out that they do have some intense stuff this year. So we do sit everyday for some writing and Math. 
 With yet another creation of his
 Our table after art and study time-:)
 What we made today, a bouncy Spider crown
 My 8 year old came up with his own imagination and made a wolverine crown 
 Spider... Craft inspired from Pinterest
This Summer he learned so many things... to ride the bike without the training wheels, to read and write his letters and numbers and also enjoys his swimming classes.
We are so proud of all that you do Sid-:)

Will be back tomorrow with yet another set of pictures.
Wish you all a good day

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